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41. A Rural Communication System for Development in Mexico's Tropical Wetlands
by Colin Fraser
Publisher: FAO (1986)

42. A Thousand and One Worlds
by François Querre
Publisher: FAO (1992)

43. A Tradition That Has No Name
by Mary Field Belenky; Lynne A. Bond; Jacqueline S. Weinstock
Publisher: Basic Books (1997)

44. A Trajetória Comunicacional de Luis Ramiro Beltrán
by José Marques de Melo; Jussara Brittes (orgs.)
Publisher: Série Anais da Escola Latino-Americana de Comunicacăo (1998)

45. A World of Difference
by G. Garbo
Publisher: UNESCO (1986)

46. Abécédaire partiel, et partial, de la mondialisation
by Ignacio Ramonet; Ramón Chao; Wozniak
Publisher: Plon (2004)

47. Abordajes y Periodos de la Teoria de la Comunicación
by Erick Torrico Villanueva
Publisher: Editorial Norma, S.A. (2004)

48. Aboriginal Radio in Australia: From Dreamtime to Prime Time? - Journal of Communication 40 (1)
by Donald R. Browne
Publisher: Oxford University Press (1990)

49. About understanding :
by Andreas Fuglesang
Publisher: Dag Hammarskjöld Foundation (1982)

50. About Understanding: ideas and observations on cross-cultural communication
by Andreas Flugesang
Publisher: Decade Media Books, Inc. (1982)