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3751. Women, Equality and the Media: an Appraisal for the 1990's - Intercom Nº 1 - Enero-Junio 1992
by Eileen Mahoney
Publisher: RBC (1992)

3752. Women in a Weary World - Women in Action
by Cai Yiping (editor)
Publisher: Isis International (2009)

3753. Women in Grassroots Communication - Women's Participation in Communication: Elements of a Framework
by P. Riaño
Publisher: Sage Publications (1994)

3754. Women in Grassroots Communication: Furthering Social Change
by Pilar Riano (ed.)
Publisher: Sage Publications (1994)

3755. Women in Grassroots Communication: Furthering Social Change - Process Video: Self-Reference and Social Change
by Jennifer Kawaja
Publisher: Sage Publications (1994)

3756. Women in grassroots communication. Furthering social change - Woman and social agents of communication
by Rosa María Alfaro Moreno
Publisher: Sage Publications (1994)

3757. Women of Pastapur
by Alfonso Gumucio-Dagron (director)
Publisher: Communication for Social Change Consortium (2007)

3758. Words on the Web
by Lynn Pemberton (Ed.); Simon Shurville (Ed.)
Publisher: Intellect Ltd. (2000)

3759. Working together for environmental management: the role of information sharing and collaborative learning
by Will Allen
Publisher: Massey University (2001)

3760. Working with the media in conflicts and other emergencies
by Department for International Development
Publisher: Department for International Development -DFID (2000)