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3741. What you don't know can hurt you:
by Everette E. Dennis
Publisher: Gannett Foundation (1989)

3742. When Prophesy Always Fails: Israeli Press Coverage of the Arab Minority's Land Day Protests - Political Communication 17(2)
by Gadi Wolfsfeld et. al.
Publisher: Taylor and Francis (2000)

3743. Whither Mass Media and Power? - Media, Culture & Society 25:5
by Aeron Davis
Publisher: Sage Publications (2003)

3744. Who is the Enemy? Portrayal of Arabs in Israeli Television - Gazette 60 (3)
by Anat First
Publisher: Sage Publications (1998)

3745. Why Globalization Works
by Martin Wolf
Publisher: Yale University Press (2004)

3746. Why Templates for Media Development do not Work in Crisis States
by James Putzel; Joost van der Zwan
Publisher: The London School of Economics and Political Scienve (2005)

3747. Will the Real WSIS Please Stand Up?: The Historic Encounter of the "˜Information Society' and the "˜Communication Society' - Gazette, Vol. 66, Nº 3-4, June 1 2004
by Sean à“ Siochrú
Publisher: Sage Publications (2004)

3748. With a Radio Antenna We Can Stop the Practice of Female Genital Cutting: A Participatory Assessment of Ashreat Al Amal, an Entertainment-Education Radio Soap Opera in the Sudan
by Karen Greiner; Arvind Singhal; Sarah Hurburt
Publisher: n/a (2007)

3749. Women and Media for Social Change
by Sharon Hackett (Ed.)
Publisher: Les éditions du remue-ménage and WomenAction 2000 (2001)

3750. Women and the Environment
by Annabel Rodda
Publisher: Zed Books Ltd (1991)