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3611. Transnationals and the Third World: The Struggle for Culture
by Armand Mattelart
Publisher: Greenwood Publishing Group Inc. (1985)

3612. Trayectoria de la telenovela latinoamericana: el caso de la telenovela brasileña - Revista Latina de Comunicación Social Nº 21 - Septiembre 1999
by Ligia Carvajal; Xinia Molina
Publisher: Universidad de La Laguna (1999)

3613. Trends in World Communication:
by Cees Hamelink
Publisher: Southbound and Third World Network (1994)

3614. Trends in World Communication - ZER Nº 1, diciembre 1996
by Cees J. Hamelink
Publisher: Universidad del País Vasco - Facultad de Ciencias Sociales y de la Comunicación (1996)

3615. Três esquemas para a compreensão do popular, suas formas e usos comunicacionais na Bolívia - INTERCOM - Volume XXIII, nº 2, julho/dezembro de 2000
by Erick Torrico Villanueva
Publisher: RBC (2000)

3616. Tuning in: An Inventory of Rural FM Radio in Ghana
by Nikki Whaites
Publisher: University of Guelph (2005)

3617. Turning the Page
by Emily Bass (coordinator)
Publisher: AVAC (2010)

3618. TV etchings in the minds of Latin Americans: conservatism. materialism. and conformism. - Gasette Nº 1 - 1978
by Luis Ramiro Beltrán
Publisher: International Journal for Mass Communication Studies (1978)

3619. TV Mito y Video Tabú - Chasqui Nº 46 - Julio 1993
by Ricardo Gómez Umaña
Publisher: CIESPAL (1993)

3620. TV Transnationalization: Europe and Asia
Publisher: UNESCO (1994)