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3551. The Social Study of Information and Communication Technology. Innovation, Actors, and Contextsy.
by Chrisanthi Avgerou (Ed.); Claudio Ciborra (Ed.)
Publisher: Oxford University Press (2004)

3552. The Structuring of Invisibility Among the Hidden Homeless:The Politics of Space, Stigma, and Identity Construction - Journal of Applied Communication Research/Vol.33/November
by Lynn M. Harter; Charlene Berquist; B. Scott Titsworth
Publisher: Taylor & Francis (2005)

3553. The Study of Communication and Culture in LAtin America - Journal of International Communication 4:2
by Clemencia Rodriguez; Patrick D. Murphy
Publisher: Macquarie University (1997)

3554. The Telecenter Environment in 2002 - The Journal of Development Communication - Nº 2 Vol. 12 - December 2001
by Royal D. Colle; Raúl Roman
Publisher: Asian Institute for Development Communication (AIDCOM) (2001)

3555. The Third Age of Political Communication: Influences and Features - Political Communication, Volume 16, Number 3 / July 1, 1999
by Jay G. Blumler; Dennis Kavanagh
Publisher: Routledge, part of the Taylor & Francis Group (1999)

3556. The Turtle and the Peacock
by M. Bouman
Publisher: Wageningen Agricultural University (1998)

3557. The Underdevelopment of Development
by S. C. Chew; R. A. Denemark (eds.)
Publisher: Sage Publications (1996)

3558. The United States as a Developing Country: Studies in U.S. History in the Progressive Era and the 1920s
by Martin J. Sklar
Publisher: Cambridge University Press (1992)

3559. The World As Information
by Robert Abbott
Publisher: Intellect Ltd. (1999)

3560. Thede, N.; Ambrosi, A. (Eds.): Video the Changing World. - Distinguishing Between "Alternative" and "Participatory" Models for Video Production.
by Maria Protz
Publisher: Black Rose Books (1991)