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3541. The Progressive Construction of Communication: Toward a Model of Cognitive Networked Communication and Knowledge Communities - Canadian Journal of Communication,Volume 28, No. 3, 2003
by Milton Campos
Publisher: Canadian Journal of Communication (2003)

3542. The Quality Assessment and Content Analysis of Corporate Websites in China:an Empirical Study - International Journal of Information Technology & Decision Making/Vol.6/June
Publisher: World Scientific Publishing Company (2007)

3543. The Quest for Democracy in Communication - Development 1993:3
by Luis Ramiro Beltrán
Publisher: The Society for International Development (SID) (1993)

3544. The Right to Tell
by World Bank Institute
Publisher: World Bank Institute (2002)

3545. The Role of Telecenters in Development Communication and the Digital Divide - The Journal of Development Communication - Nº 2 Vol. 12 - December 2001
by Everett M. Rogers; Pratibha Shukla
Publisher: Asian Institute for Development Communication (AIDCOM) (2001)

3546. The rural market: A unique communication medium - Development Communication Report Nº 77 - 1992
by Peter Spain
Publisher: Clearinghouse of Development Communication (1992)

3547. The Sada Says 'We Women have our Rights' - International Communication Gazette/Vol.69/August
by Ami Sengupta; Esther G. Long; Arvind Singhal
Publisher: Sage Publications (2007)

3548. The Scope of Government
by Borre Ole (Ed.); Elinor Scarbrough (Ed.)
Publisher: Oxford University Press (1998)

3549. The search for community in modern society: An interpretation - Qualitative Sociology,Volume 1, Number 2 / septiembre de 1978
by John J. Macionis
Publisher: Springer Netherlands (1978)

3550. The Social Construction of Reality
by Peter L. Berger; Thomas Luckmann
Publisher: Anchor (1967)