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3761. World Bank Participation Sourcebook
by World Bank
Publisher: The World Bank (1996)

3762. World Broadcasting in the Age of the Satellite
by W. J. Howell
Publisher: Ablex Publishing (1986)

3763. World Communication and Information Report 1999-2000
by UNESCO (Ed.)
Publisher: UNESCO (1999)

3764. World Communication Report:
Publisher: Unesco (1998)

3765. World News Prism
by W. Hachten
Publisher: Iowa State University Press. (1981)

3766. World Television: From Global to Local (Communication and Human Values Series)
by Joseph D. Straubhaar
Publisher: Sage Publications (2007)

3767. Writing for Change
by Alan Barker; Firoze Manji
Publisher: Nordan/Fahamu/IDRC (2000)

3768. Y de nuevo las mismas preguntas: ¿Cómo se articulan democracia y comunicación en el siglo XXI? - Media Development 2002/4
by Fernando Reyes Matta
Publisher: WACC Publications (2002)

3769. ¿Y la recepción? Balance crítico de los estudios sobre público
by Florencia Saintout (Ed.); Natalia Ferrante (Ed.)
Publisher: Ediciones La Crujía (2006)

3770. Young Audiences and Colombian Telenovelas:
by Rafael Obregón
Publisher: Pennsylvania State University (1999)