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3531. The Oxford Handbook of Information and Communication Technologies
by Robin Mansell (Ed.); Chrisanthi Avgerou (Ed.); Danny Quah (Ed.)
Publisher: Oxford University Press (2007)

3532. The Palestinian Media : An Obedients Servant or a Vanguard of Democracy? - Journal of Palestine Studies 29(3)
by Amal Jamal
Publisher: University of California Press (2000)

3533. The Participation of Aboriginal and Other Cultural Minorities - Canadian Journal of Communication Nº 3/4, Vol. 19, 1994
by Fil Fraser
Publisher: Canadian Jounal Communication (1994)

3534. The People's Voice: Local Radio and Television in Europe
by Nick Jankowski; Ole Prehn; James Stappers (Eds.)
Publisher: John Libey & Company Ltd. (1992)

3535. The People's Voice: Local Radio and Television in Europe - Britain: Community Broadcasting Revisited
by Peggy Grey; Peter M. Lewis
Publisher: John Libbey & Company Ltd. (1992)

3536. The political economy of media: enduring issues, emerging dilemmas
by Robert McChesney
Publisher: Monthly Review Press (2008)

3537. The Politics of World Communication
by C. J. Hamelink
Publisher: Sage Publications (1995)

3538. The Press and the Decline of Democracy: The Democratic Socialist Response in Public Policy (Contributions to the Study of Mass Media and Communications)
by Robert G. Picard
Publisher: Greenwood Press (1985)

3539. The Press in the Arab Middle East: a History
by A. Ayalon
Publisher: Oxford University Press (1995)

3540. The Problem of the Media: U.S. Communication Politics in the Twenty-First Century
by Robert W. McChesney
Publisher: Monthly Review Press (2004)