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3501. The modal nature of ICT: challenging the historical interpretation of the social understanding and appropriation of ICT - The Journal of Community Informatics, Vol. 2, No. 1 (2005)
by Marcus Leaning
Publisher: Community Informatics Research Network (CIRN) (2005)

3502. The Multiculturalism of Fear
by Jacob T. Levy
Publisher: Oxford University Press (2000)

3503. The Myth of People's Ignorance - Development Dialogue 1/2
by Andreas Fuglesang
Publisher: Dag Hammarskjold Foundation (1984)

3504. The natural resource management kaleidoscope for understanding ICTs - Journal of Development Communication 14 (1)
by Ricardo Ramirez
Publisher: Asian Institue for Development Communication (2003)

3505. The Nature of Mass Media Messages in Relation to National Development in Latin America
by Luis Ramiro Beltrán
Publisher: Michigan Sate University (1969)

3506. The Network Revolution, Opportunities and Challenges for Developing Countries
by C. a. Primo Barga et. al.
Publisher: The World Bank (2000)

3507. The New Communications Landscape : Demystifying Media Globalization
by Anura Goonasekera; Jan Servaes; Georgette Wang
Publisher: Routledge (2000)

3508. The New Media Landscape in Bulgaria - Canadian Journal of Communications Volume 20, Number 1, 1995
by Maria Bakardjieva
Publisher: Canadian Journal of Communication (1995)

3509. The New Media Theory Reader
by Robert Hassan (Ed.); Julian Thomas (Ed.)
Publisher: Open University Press - MacGraw - Hill (2006)

3510. The New Politics of Inequality in Latin America
by Douglas A. Chalmers (Ed.); Carlos M. Vilas (Ed.); Katherine Hite (Ed.)
Publisher: Oxford University Press (1997)