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3491. The Mass Media Declaration of UNESCO
by Kaarle Nordenstreng
Publisher: Ablex (1984)

3492. The Materiality of Expression: Harold Innis' Communication Theory and the Discursive Turn in the Human Sciences - Canadian Journal of Communications, Volume 23, Number 1, 1998
by Ian Angus
Publisher: Canadian Journal of Communication (1998)

3493. The Media and Globalization
by Terhi Rantanen
Publisher: Sage Publications Inc (2005)

3494. The media and the Rwanda Genocide
by Allan Thompson (Ed.)
Publisher: International Development Research Centre (2007)

3495. The Media and their Publics
by Michael Higgins
Publisher: Open University Press - MacGraw Hill (2007)

3496. The Media are American : Anglo-American Media in the World
by Jeremy Tunstall
Publisher: Constable, Columbia University Press (1977)

3497. The Media in Scotland
by Neil Blain (Ed.),; David Hutchison (Ed.)
Publisher: Edinburgh University Press (2008)

3498. The Media in the Network Society: Browsing, News, Filters and Citizenship
by Gustavo Cardoso
Publisher: CIES-ISCTE (2006)

3499. The Media Revolution in America and Western Europe
by Everett M. Rogers (Ed.); Francis Balle (Ed.)
Publisher: Ablex (1985)

3500. The Miners' Radio Stations in Bolivia: A Culture of Resistance. - Journal of Communication 40
by Alan O'Connor
Publisher: Oxford University Press (1990)