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291. Combating AIDS
by Arvind Singhal; Everett M Rogers
Publisher: SAGE Publications (2003)

292. Commision Canadiennne pour l'Unesco - Between Mcluhan's dream and Orwell's Nightmare
by Luis Ramiro Beltrán
Publisher: UNESCO (1984)

293. Communicating Climate Change from the Perspective of Local People - Journal of Development Communication, Number 1, Volume 11, June 2000
by Neil Ford
Publisher: (2000)

294. Communicating European Research 2005
by Michel Claessens (Ed.)
Publisher: Springer/London (2007)

295. Communicating Family Planning in Reproductive Health
by WHO
Publisher: WHO (1997)

296. Communicating For and Against Democracy.
by Marc Raboy; Peter A. Bruck
Publisher: Black Rose Books (1989)

297. Communicating for Development
by Colin Fraser; Sonia Restrepo-Estrada
Publisher: I. B. Tauris & Co. Ltd (1998)

298. Communicating for Development : A New Pan-disciplinary Perspective
by Andrew, Azukaego Moemeka (Ed.)
Publisher: State University of New York Press (1994)

299. Communicating for Development: A New Pan-disciplinary Perspective - Communication in Development and Social Change
by S. S. King; D. Cushman
Publisher: SUNY Press (1994)

300. Communicating for Development: A New Pan-disciplinary Perspective - Development Communication: A Historical and Conceptual Overview
by Andrew A. Moemeka
Publisher: SUNY Press (1995)