Body of Knowledge

Beyond the Impasse
New Directions in Development Theory
by F. Schuurman (ed.)

From publisher's web page: Development theory in the past decade has met with increasingly heavy criticism. Dependency theories, as well as modes of production and world-system approaches, have come to be considered as internally inconsistent and inadequate for explaining the increasing diversity and unevenness of the Third World. This book confronts the theoretical impasse which many feel has been reached. Development scholars from various disciplines review recent changes in research priorities, procedures and orientations, and detect the emergence of new and diverse lines of theoretical development in the field. In particular, they deal with the important meta-theoretical, political, cultural and ethical questions that have come to the fore.

Publication Type: Anthology / Edited Book
Publisher: Zed Books (1993)
Location: London, UK
Language: English
ISBN: 1 85649 210 9

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