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Body of Knowledge

Communicating for Development: A New Pan-disciplinary Perspective - Communication in Development and Social Change
Old Myths and New Realities.
by S. S. King; D. Cushman

On the anthology, fro publisher's web page: This book discusses the place of communication in economic development and social change, not only as it pertains to "developing" societies, but also as it relates to the "developed" societies where socio-economic advancement has created a pressing need for social change or the elimination of the dysfunctional effects of industrial development. Addressed are historical development, theoretical perspectives, and implementation strategies and methods. In doing so, the contributors touch on the relevance of economics, sociology, psychology, organization, public relations, management and ethics, as well as the impact of multinational corporations on host-country development and social change. Table Of Contents: Preface Part I 1. Development Communication: A Historical and Conceptual Overview Andrew A. Moemeka 2. Communication in Development and Social Change: Old Myths and New Realities Sarah S. King and Donald P. Cushman 3. Communication and Development: Some Emerging Theoretical Perspectives Godwin C. Chu 4. Development Communication: Basic Approaches and Planning Strategies Andrew A. Moemeka Part II 5. Television in Social Change and National Development: Strategies and Tactics Scott R. Olson 6. The Newspaper in the Development of Developing Nations Ikechukwu E. Nwosu 7. Radio Strategies for Community Development: A Critical Analysis Andrew A. Moemeka Part III 8. High-Speed Management, Organizational Communication, Multinational Corporations, and Host-Country Development Donald P. Cushman and Sarah S. King 9. Public Relations, Industrial Peace, and Economic Development Cornelius B. Pratt Part IV 10. Television and Development Communication: A Canadian Case Study Thomas L. McPhail and Brenda M. McPhail 11. Communicating Knowledge of Immunization for Development: A Case Study from Nigeria Folu Ogundimu 12. Communication and Family Planning Campaign: An Indian Experience William J. Starosta Contributors Author Index Subject Index

Publication Type: Article / Chapter / Essay: 11 pages
Publisher: SUNY Press (1994)
Location: Albany, USA
Language: English
ISBN: 0-7914-1834-0

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