Body of Knowledge

Asian Communication Handbook 2001
by A. Goonasekera; L. Chun Wah; S. Venkatraman (eds.)

From publisher's web page: The Asian Communication Handbook is more than a guide to communication; it provides a comprehensive overview of the varied media systems that exist in Asia, and the technological, economic, social, and political developments that impact the media scene. The new edition of this popular series presents the latest data from eighteen countries in an accessible format, and serves as an important resource for today's communication professional, scholar, or student. It has been designed with easy-to-use country-wise reports followed by a theoretical section. Each country profile contains statistical information on various media and communication technologies as well as general indicators such as demography and socio-economic issues. The Handbook is divided into two useful sections: Country Profiles Narrative descriptions coupled with extensive statistical tables provide a comprehensive overview of the contemporary communication scene. Communication history, law, rules and regulations are detailed, as well as the country's present status and trends and the direction of future developments. The statistical information presents up-to-date quantitative information on all aspects of broadcasting and print media, telecommunications, advertising, transborder data and flow, the Internet, as well as more general demographic details and social and economic indicators. Theoretical Perspectives Five scholarly essays reflect on the trends and implications of recent developments in media and communication in Asia. These essays look at the issues of privacy, free speech and the Internet; theoretical and methodological issues in communication studies in Asia; intellectual property; and regulating Internet content.

Publication Type: Anthology / Edited Book: 414 pages
Publisher: AMIC (Asian Media Information and Communication Centre) (2003)
Location: Singapore, Singapore
Language: English
ISBN: 9971-905-97-3

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