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Body of Knowledge

Approaches to Development. Studies on Communication for Development - Community Development and the Internet
by Rico Lie

Rico Lie explores and structures the complex relations between community development and ICTs, especially the internet (including email-based communication). As the ICTs are said to offer new potentials - especially in the field of networking and information supply -, the concept of 'community' has beed pushed to the front again. This has led to an increase in the interest in the different kinds of relationships between community development and the potentials of the internet. Building on two existing perspectives on the internet in relation to community development (a technological-economic perspective and a culturalistic perspective), the chapter takes a closer look at the role of the internet within and between civil society communities and civil society organizations (CSOs). In addressing the construction, purposes and functioning of these 'cyberspace based communities' in civil society, different issues concerning on-line community dialogues and networking are discussed, evaluated and illustrated. Second Lie reviews how the internet can serve excisting 'geographically based communities' by making the internet and email available to these communities. Two UNESCO cases in Uganda and Sri Lanka are used to illustrate the internet's potentials for 'geographically based community development'.

Publication Type: Article / Chapter / Essay: 35 pages
Publisher: UNESCO (2003)
Location: Paris, France
Language: English
ISBN: 92-990008-1-6

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