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Body of Knowledge

Approaches to Development. Studies on Communication for Development - Edutainment in HIV/AIDS Prevention
Bulding on the Soul City Experinece in South Africa
by Thomas Tufte

Thomas Tufte adresses the changes in communication perspectives and strategies. He analyses the case of Soul City in order to discuss how an entertainment-education based communication strategy can contribute to a participatory development process. Soul City is the name of the media and health NGO behind the large, on-going goal-oriented, media-driven information and training initiative that works for social change in the South African society. firstly, he introduces the history and development of Soul City. Secondly, he provides a brief historical overview of the developments within entertainment-education in relation to the general discussions of communication for development. Finally Tufte explores how Soul City contributes to the further development of entertainment-education in both theory and practice. as so often seen before, practice comes prior to theory, and he thus argues that what Soul City is de facto doing is anticipating the theoretical advancement he wishes to argue for entertainment-education.

Publication Type: Article / Chapter / Essay: 26 pages
Publisher: UNESCO (2003)
Location: Paris, France
Language: English
ISBN: 92-990008-1-6

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