Body of Knowledge

Towards a New Communication Framework for HIV/AIDS - Journal of Health Communication vol. 5, Special Issue
by Collins O. Airhihenbuwa; Bunmi Makinwa; Rafael Obregón

In response to the overwhelming burden of new cases of HIV in third world regions, UNAIDS, in 1997, initiated a project to examine the application of existing communication theories/models to HIV/AIDS prevention and care in these regions. In the past year, 103 leading researchers and practitioners from different parts of the world were invited by UNAIDS to participate in one of five consultative workshops designed to review these theories/models and rethink their adequacy for Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Caribean. A new communications framework for HIV/AIDS was developed to move from the individual focus on five domains of 'contexts' that influence behaviors - government policy, SES, culture, gender relations, and spirituality.

Publication Type: Article / Chapter / Essay: 11 pages
Publisher: Taylor & Francis (2000)
Location: London, Uk
Language: English
ISBN: 1087-0415

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