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Body of Knowledge

Changing Cultural Channels: SBS-TV, IMPARJA, and Australian Television.
by Bruce Molloy

Authors Abstract: This article discusses two attempts at incorporating multicultural programming within Australian television. After providing some general background on Australian society, it suggests that television plays a role in constructing the national political and national cultural, two basic elements in the construction of national identity. It then examines the Special Broadcasting Service (SBS) and changes in the policy directions of this service to ethnic minorities within Australian society. Next it discusses Imparja, an initiative aimed at providing a commercial television service in central Australia intended to provide some Aboriginal programming. It also looks at some variations on this model in remote Aboriginal communities. It concludes that the SBS model has been more successful than the Imparja model in meeting the needs of its target audiences.

Publication Type: Conference / Unpublished Paper
Publisher: Communication Institute for Online Scholarship, Inc. (1993)
Location: Rotterdam Jct., NY, USA
Language: English

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