Body of Knowledge

Transnationals and the Third World: The Struggle for Culture
by Armand Mattelart

This book is one of two reports ordered by the United Nations, through the Center on Transnational Corporations, on the "positive" and "negative" sociocultural impacts of transnational firms on developing countries. This book concerns the negative impact. The particular transnationals with which Mattelart is concerned are the "networks through which cultural commodities circulate " film, television, advertising, publishing, products, education, and tourism". The book does not purport to be a scholarly analysis of original data or a systematic review of extant research on the topic, but is a sophisticated content analysis of materials from a selected number of sources. Included are references to the English, French, and Spanish print media (dated between 1975 and 1982), and published and unpublished papers and reports prepared for the international or regional conferences held by UN-related organisations and transnational NGOs on the topic. The label "self-reliance" and the "decentralized development model" are discussed. Mattelart points out to the latter term, that it is being semantically expropriated be repressive third-world regimes to justify themselves in the world's eyes and hopefully to get financial aid, and by profit-making transnational corporations to indicate they do need outside regulation. The book is a good summary of the think-speak culture of the highly educated who is involved in international organizations and multinational corporations.

Publication Type: Authored Book: 192 pages
Publisher: Greenwood Publishing Group Inc. (1985)
Location: Massachusetts, USA
Language: English
ISBN: 0897890302

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