Body of Knowledge

Video for the Changing World
by Nancy Thede; Alain Ambrosi (Eds.)

Journal of Communications Description: This international collection of articles provides a sampling of the thinking and practices of a number of organizations, groups and individuals from around the world who are working with alternative video and television in the context of development. Included are voices rarely heard in North America. Contents: A. Ambrosi: Alternative Communication & Development Alternatives. Alternative Video. Rafael Roncagliolo (Peruvian sociologist & journalist): The Growth of the Audio-visual Imagescape in Latin America. Maria Protz (development communications researcher who has worked in St. Lucia, India and with TV Ontario): Distinguishing between "Alternative" and "Participatory" Models of Video Production. Rajive Jain (director, Centre for Development of Instructional Technology (CENDIT), New Delhi): Video: For, by, and with the People. Dorothy H"šnaut (National Film Board, Canada): The "Challenge for Change/Societe nouvelle" Experience. Ron Burnett (McGill Univ.): Video/Film: From Communication to Community. Mokonenyana Molete (Video News Services collective, South Africa): Local & Regional Video Training & Production in the Struggle Against Apartheid: Priorities, Methods & Strategies. Alternative Television. Linda Trudel (Communications sector, Canadian Institute for Adult Education): Alternative Television: From Myth to Reality. Regina Festa (journalist; Univ. of S o Paolo) and Luis Fernando Santoro (Brazilian radio & video specialist; Univ. of S o Paolo): New Trends Latin America: From Video to Television. Yaya Karim Drabo (Director of Communications for the Federation Panafricaine de Cineastes, Ougadougou, Burkina Faso): The Paradox in African Television: Alternative by Constraint. Debbie Brisebois (Exec. Director, Inuit Broadcasting Corporation, Ottawa, Canada): Whiteout Warning: Courtesy of the Federal Government. Danny Schechter (Exec. Producer: Globalvision, New York City): The Globalvision Experience. Gerard Rosenberg (Director, International Broadcasting Trust): The International Braodcasting Trust. Michel Pichette (President, Association nationale des telespectatrices et des telespectateurs du Quebec): Viewers' Associations: Developing the Viewers' Point of View. Training. Alain Ambrosi: Training for Popular Video: VTM's Difficult Quest for a Pedagogy of Cultural Autonomy. CENDIT (Centre for Development of Instructional Technology, New Delhi): The Medium, the Message, and the Movement: A Report on the Training Programme in Communication and Development. Movimiento Latinamericano de Video: Motevideo 1990: Third Congress of the Latin American Video Movement. Strategies for a Changing World. Marc Raboy (): Communication & the New World Order: Strategies for Democratization. Derek Hall (Director, Asia Monitor Resource Centre, Hong Kong): Video as a Tool For Change: The Development of an International Dialogue & Perspectives on the Use of Video in this Process. Antonio Onorati (President, Centro Internazionale Crocevia, Rome): Global Strategies: From the Specific to the Infinite. Jean-Pierre Boyer (experimental & popular video creator, Univ. du Québec "¦ Montréal): Commodification or Democratization: Toward a "Polethics" of Communications. Rafael Roncagliolo: Notes on "The Alternative." Michel Senecal (Independent video and community television artist, Univ. du Quebec "¦ Montreal): The Alternative in Search of Its Identity. Appendix: A Brief Description of the Major International Organizations Participating in the 1990 Video Tiers-monde Symposium. Alain Ambrosi is a linguist who has worked in international development and has made several video & television documentaries in Latin America & Africa. Nancy Thede is a Montreal-based anthropologist & international development specialist. She is General Secretary of Videazimut, an international coalition of video organizations for the right to communicate.

Publication Type: Anthology / Edited Book: 224 pages
Publisher: Black Rose Books (1991)
Location: Montréal, Canada
Language: English
ISBN: 1895431026

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