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Body of Knowledge

CMS Symbols Symposia on Communication for Social Development
by PN Vasanti

Communication plays a crucial role in every sector. For instance, in the business sector, it informs people of products, services, policies, consumer rights, etc. In the development sector, it helps to create awareness towards equitable and sustainable development. Communication through the performing and fine arts helps us to depict our life, values and culture. Among these various functions of communication in multiple domains, the purpose of this conference is to study and discuss the role of communication in development initiatives. Initiatives like using ICT for education, creating a media campaign for polio eradication, making a film on tribal rights, addressing gender issues through legal regulations, are all instances of using communication for social development.

Publication Type: Authored Book: 64 pages
Publisher: Centre for Media Studies (2007)
Location: Hyderabad, India
Language: English

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