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Body of Knowledge

Barefoot Guide to Working with Organisations and Social Change
by Collective The Barefoot; Doug Reeler

This is a practical, do-it-yourself guide for leaders and facilitators wanting to help organisations to function and to develop in more healthy, human and effective ways as they strive to make their contributions to a more humane society. It has been developed by the Barefoot Collective. The guide, with its supporting website, includes tried and tested concepts, approaches, stories and activities. It's purpose is to help stimulate and enrich the practice of anyone supporting organisations and social movements in their challenges of working, learning, growing and changing to meet the needs of our complex world. Although it is aimed at leaders and facilitators of civil society organisations, we hope it will be useful to anyone interested in fostering healthy human organisation in any sphere of life. The Barefoot Guide is offered free to the world and can be downloaded on this website: The website also contains a growing library of additional downloadable exercises, readings, case studies and diagrams to accompany the Barefoot Guide.

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Publication Type: Authored Book: 165 pages
Publisher: CDRA (2009)
Location: Cape Town, South Africa
Language: English
ISBN: 978-0-620-43240-5
ISSN: 978-0-620-43240-5

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