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Body of Knowledge

The World As Information
by Robert Abbott

The context of 'The World as Information' is the growing public interest in information as a commodity, arising from the success of the Internet and the World Wide Web, and from increased awareness of problems of information overload. Despite this interest, there is little general understanding of how information can be structured and accessed. The Internet appears, for the time being, to be exacerbating information access problems, and the situation is perceived by many as getting worse. This book takes a very broad view of information, and considers it as a phenomenon in its own right, rather than the technology for handling it. It is very much concerned with the meaning of information, and what we as individuals do with it. The `World as Information' deals with the impact of information upon the individual, in terms of problems of overload and stimulation of ambition and creativity. Craving for information, primarily using the example of Thomas Wolfe, lead to a discussion of Popper's 3 Worlds model of information. Each World is discussed in terms of its contents, growth, structure, and effects on the individual. Analytical and synthetic approaches to information retrieval and management are discussed including conventional on-line systems, Internet, knowledge bases, hypermedia, and the Xanadu project.

Publication Type: Authored Book: 155 pages
Publisher: Intellect Ltd. (1999)
Location: Bristol, United Kingdom
Language: English
ISBN: 9781871516753

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