Body of Knowledge

by Walker Rettberg

Iím delighted to see that Jill Walker Rettbergís book Blogging has just been released. I had the pleasure of reading much of this book in draft form last year while Jill was a guest researcher here in Communication Studies here at UWA, and on the basis of what I read Iím confident this book will be extremely well received. Jillís work is neither a simple how-to guide (of which there are many), nor is it a book on blogging which presumes readers are already blogosphere aficionados. Rather, Jill has managed to write an engaging and critical book which situates blogging within broader histories - such as the role of blogging in terms of literacy, the evolution of citizen journalism, blogs and/as social networks, and even ethical frameworks which examine advertising and authenticity in blogs. More to the point, for someone new to blogs as an idea, or in practice, Blogging offers a world of insight and experience distilled into a readable and engaging form.

Publication Type: Authored Book: 184 pages
Publisher: Blackwell Publishing (2008)
Location: Cambridge, United Kingdom
Language: English
ISBN: 13: 9780745641348

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