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Body of Knowledge

Towards improving the role of evaluation within natural resource management R&D programmes: The case for learning by doing - Canadian Journal of Development Studies: XVIII, Special Issue on Results-Based Evaluation pp. 629-643
by Will Allen

The increasing use of participatory development approaches in recent years pose new challenges for decision-makers and evaluators. Because these programmes are designed to be responsive to changing community needs, one of the most pressing challenges is to develop participatory and systems-based evaluative processes to allow for ongoing learning, correction, and adjustment by all parties concerned. This paper outlines one such evaluation process, and uses a case study in New Zealand to illustrate its benefits in the light of current issues facing both evaluators and natural resource managers.

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Publication Type: Article / Chapter / Essay: 14 pages
Publisher: Canadian Journal of Development Studies (1997)
Location: Ottawa, Canada
Language: English
ISSN: 0225-5189

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