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With a Radio Antenna We Can Stop the Practice of Female Genital Cutting: A Participatory Assessment of Ashreat Al Amal, an Entertainment-Education Radio Soap Opera in the Sudan
by Karen Greiner; Arvind Singhal; Sarah Hurburt

The present paper presents the results of a participatory sketching and photography exercise conducted in the Sudan to gauge how avid listeners of Ashreat Al Amal (“Sails of Hope”), an entertainment-education radio soap opera, engaged with its educational content, especially with the topic of female genital cutting (a practice that is widespread in Sudan). Our respondents’ sketches and photos suggest that they comprehended the various intersecting plotlines and educational messages of Ashreat Al Amal, that is, a more empowered status for women, abandoning harmful practices such as female genital cutting, and seeking safe motherhood and childhood. Our respondents’ sketches also suggest various degrees of emotional and personal resonance with the key plotlines and characters. The female genital cutting scenes and their deadly consequences held the most personal meaning for both male and female respondents as it closely paralleled their lived realities. Many of the respondents freely and openly shared the debilitating consequences of large families, especially on the health of women and children. Our respondents emphasized that by listening to Ashreat Al Amal they learned about, or were reinforced in abolishing the practice of female genital cutting, and giving girls and women more control of their reproductive health.

Publication Type: Conference / Unpublished Paper: 33 pages
Publisher: n/a (2007)
Location: Athens, USA
Language: English

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