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Body of Knowledge

The New Politics of Inequality in Latin America
by Douglas A. Chalmers (Ed.); Carlos M. Vilas (Ed.); Katherine Hite (Ed.)

Almost all agree that political systems in Latin America underwent a transformation in the 1980s. The usual quick description of this change was "˜democratization'. But whether one takes an optimistic or a pessimistic view of the level of democracy that was achieved, one thing was sure"”the traditional forms of participation by, and representation of, the poor, the working population, and others structurally disadvantaged had changed. The chapters examine the labour organizations, political parties, indigenous and environmental groups that have emerged, sometimes amidst new forms of violence. Others recount efforts to rebuild social"“democratic projects and to create new models of participatory politics in municipalities and around social programmes. There is no consensus on whether these new forms will produce more democracy. Rather, the chapters present a variety of conceptual tools to identify trends and assess their impact.

Publication Type: Anthology / Edited Book: 644 pages
Publisher: Oxford University Press (1997)
Location: Oxford, United Kingdom
Language: English
ISBN: 100-19-878183-0

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