Body of Knowledge

Understanding Human Communication
by Ronald B. Adler; George Rodman

Now in its ninth edition, this classic book retains the features that have made it the best-selling introductory human communication text in the field: an engaging and reader-friendly style; an inviting visual design that includes high-interest marginalia on virtually every page; up-to-date information on technology, gender, and cultural diversity; and everyday applications based on solid research and theory. Maintaining the quality of presentation and student-focused pedagogy that have characterized previous editions, Understanding Human Communication, Ninth Edition, incorporates updated examples and coverage of current communication theory. It continues to equip students with effective communication skills that will make a difference in their everyday lives.

Publication Type: Authored Book: 544 pages
Publisher: Oxford University Press (2005)
Location: New York, USA
Language: English
ISBN: 0195178335

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