Body of Knowledge

Citizens, Politics and Social Communication
Information and Influence in an Election Campaign
by Stanley Feldman (Ed.)

Democratic politics is a collective enterprise, not simply because individual votes are counted to determine winners, but more fundamentally because the individual exercise of citizenship is an interdependent undertaking. Citizens argue with one another and they generally arrive at political decisions through processes of social interaction and deliberation. This book is dedicated to investigating the political implications of interdependent citizens within the context of the 1984 presidential campaign as it was experienced in the metropolitan area of South Bend, Indiana. Hence this is a community study in the fullest sense of the term. National politics is experienced locally through a series of filters unique to a particular setting and its consequences for the exercise of democratic citizenship.

Publication Type: Anthology / Edited Book: 315 pages
Publisher: Cambridge University Press - Series: Cambridge Studies in Public Opinion and Political Psychology (2006)
Location: Cambridge, United Kingdom
Language: English
ISBN: 0521030447

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