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African voices on development and social justice: Editorials from Pambazuka News 2004
by Manji Firoze (Ed.); Burnett Patrick (Ed.)

The Commission on Africa, and the UK's Presidency of the G8 and the EU, deem 2005 as the year of Africa. Trade, debt relief and aid are on the international agenda, governments and NGOs are mobilizing. It is imperative that African voices are heard, and that the African perspective is made central. This timely book advocates a different perspective on development and social justice in Africa, from Africa, which rarely finds expression in the mainstream Northern media. African Voices on Development and Social Justice is an anthology of the 2004 editorials of Pambazuka News, an authoritative electronic weekly newsletter which is a platform for social justice in Africa providing cutting edge commentary and in- depth analysis on politics and current affairs, development, human rights, gender issues and culture in Africa. African Voices on Development and Social Justice provides an essential context of key developments and events in Africa in 2004, from the perspective of African activists and academics, perspectives that are neither complacent nor romantic about the conditions created by African governments, nor dismissive about the creative potential of Africa to determine its own future. The 54 essays included are wide- ranging and complied into 11 focused chapters. An introductory chapter outlines the global and regional context of "˜underdevelopment' in Africa, while special attention is given to the conflicts in The DRC, Rwanda, Sudan and Zimbabwe. The establishment of the African Union and attempts to develop regional integration are commented upon along with special chapters devoted to resource exploitation, Women's Rights and the rights of refugees in Africa. Both the IMF and World Bank celebrated their 60th anniversaries in 2004; their track-records in Africa are assessed. The concluding Chapter 11 contains a selection of letters submitted by subscribers to Pambazuka News which demonstrate the lively debate many of these editorials have sparked. The 47 contributors include such distinguished Africans as Mahmood Mamdani, Adebayo Olukoshi, Kewsi Kwaa Prah, Brian Raftopoulos, Pierre Sane and Ernest Wamba dia Wamba.

Publication Type: Anthology / Edited Book: 280 pages
Publisher: Mkuki Na Nyota Publishers (2005)
Location: Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
Language: English
ISBN: 9987417353

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