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Body of Knowledge

A Cross-Cultural Perspective Community learning centres in Asia - í4d Information for Development - Volume II - Number 12, December 2004
by Richards Cameron

Where ICT community learning development projects and initiatives are concerned, the concept of sustainability' can be approached as either a negative or positive reinforcement of "˜self-fulfilling prophecy'. In other words, a merely linear, hierarchical and oppositional (or "˜inevitable') notion of the digital divide fails to appreciate the power of dialogue, motivation and local context to "˜sufficiently' transform limitations, restraints, and obstacles. Models which innovatively and flexibly encourage "˜doing a lot with little' provide an antidote to bureaucratic notions of possibility. Thus a generic, emergent notion of ICT-CLCs in the Asia Pacific region especially exemplifies the importance of sharing different kinds of learning resources or cultural capital, and two-way, collaborative dialogue "“ even both ways across the so-called "˜digital divide'. Ultimately, the approach taken here is one which is based on the understanding that genuine dialogue, collaboration, and community sharing (at both local and global levels) can and should make a real and productive difference.

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Publication Type: Article / Chapter / Essay: 12 pages
Publisher: Centre for Science, Development & Media Studies (2004)
Location: Noida, India
Language: English
ISSN: 0972-804X

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