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Body of Knowledge

Theory, Boundaries and Political Communication: The Uses of Disparity - European Journal of Communication, Vol. 19, Nš 1, March 1 2004
by Peter Dahlgren

While the themes of fragmentation and insufficient coherence dominated discussions in the field of media and communication studies a decade ago, today they seem less urgent, even if at times still problematic. In terms of theory, the field is well served by its permeable boundaries, since much of its theory is "˜imported'. Moreover, theory needs nondoctrinaire critical stances to address the distress of the world. Systems of political communication are in rapid transformation, and we need good theoretic tools to confront the changes. This subfield is still very much coloured by traditional political science; however, we also see important contributions for the public sphere and culturalist approaches. All three have strengths and weaknesses, all have their differences that must be respected. Yet there are some signs of complementarity, and if we avoid orthodox positions, we may well find more synergic interplay between them.

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Publication Type: Article / Chapter / Essay: 11 pages
Publisher: Sage Publications (2004)
Location: London, United Kingdom
Language: English
ISSN: 0267-3231

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