Body of Knowledge

Banikora Multimedia Community Centre, Benin. A window to the world - 4d Information for Development - Volume II - Number 9, September 2004
by Hezekiel Dlamini

The added value of the CMC derives from the unbroken continuum of information and communication that it establishes: between the literate and the illiterate, between the local, national and international languages, between the spoken and the written word." The example of the Banikoara CMC brings to the fore some important lessons for existing and future CMC practioners. Firstly, the management and ownership structures need to be grounded on broad community participation, for instance the General Assembly in the case of Banikoara. This helps when individuals attempt to use these community facilities for selfish purposes. The other lesson that can be drawn is the aggressive marketing approach that the staff must adopt. It is evident that revenues generated by service contracts have financed the growth of the Banikoara CMC. The installation of locally manufactured maize-mill generator as an alternative reliable source of energy has to be highlighted as the major contribution that the Banikoara CMC has made to the CMC movement, especially in Africa, and this should go a long way in making CMCs more sustainable. Although one case does not prove the sustainability of the CMCs as a concept, it can be concluded that CMCs must be run as small businesses, while maintaining the communal functions.

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Publication Type: Article / Chapter / Essay: 9 pages
Publisher: Centre for Spatial Database Management & Solutions - CSDMS (2004)
Location: Noida, India
Language: English

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