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Anna's FM 90.4 MHz: India's first campus community radio - 4d Information for Development- Volume II - Number 6, August 2004
by R. Sreedhar

The experience I had while commissioning the station is full of excitement, even though I earlier had the privilege of associating myself with the commissioning of India's first educational FM channel at Allahabad on 7th of November 2001 Anna University today is in a position to offer consultancy to the entire country on setting up of community radio stations as well as training personnel for it. Anna University became the first in the country to commission the campus community radio on 1st of February, 2004. I had the unique privilege of associating myself right from the scratch. The experience of achieving the campus community radio was much more satisfying. I was following up the progress of the legislation of the community radio movement and was also associated in a small way with the Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD), Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) as well as the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting. I was also associated when the format for the simple two page application was developed. Thanks to Shri Anil Baijal, the former Additional Secretary to Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, community radio aspirants have to fill up only a simple two-page application form along with one page affidavit and bank guarantee. The rest of it has to be done by the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting. Institutions can either send their application through the State Government or through the Human Resource Development.

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Publication Type: Article / Chapter / Essay: 6 pages
Publisher: Centre for Spatial Database Management & Solutions - CSDMS (2004)
Location: Noida, India
Language: English

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