Body of Knowledge

Theoretical Approaches to Participatory Communication - Popular Culture, Discourse, and Development: Rethinking Entertainment-Education from a Participatory Perspective
by J. Douglas Storey

Extract from introduction. In this chapter, Storey employs Bakhtin's work to argue that popular culture comprises an important element of social participation that can be used in service of public welfare in developing countries. Storey focuses on Third World entertainment-education projects, suggesting that their popularity is due in part to the manner in which they use local aesthetic codes, or local discourses. Treated as discourses, such projects can be seen not only as interventions, but also as processes that are part of a larger political, cultural and historical context of communication. In this way "development communication becomes a partnership of media institutions, development agencies, donor organizations, and the audience...." His treatment of entertainment-education programs is illustrated with two cases studies from Pakistan and Indonesia.

Publication Type: Article / Chapter / Essay: 22 pages
Publisher: Hampton Press, Inc. (1999)
Location: Cresskill, NJ, USA
Language: English
ISBN: 1-57273-170-2

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