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Body of Knowledge

Theoretical Approaches to Participatory Communication - The Need for New Strategies of Research on the Democratization of Communication
by Robert A. White

Extract from introduction: R. White visits some of the points made by others in this volume, and expands on the importance of considering the larger social and political contexts that confine local efforts. In contrast to the small, isolated community change projects that are the subject of most participatory communication projects, White focuses on peasant agraian and national liberation movements as forces whose success can be essential to creating national political cultures respectful of local autonomy and self-reliance. Arguing that the major barriers to meaningful participation result from social structural inequalities, R. White says research should focus on how participatory communication emerges within a historical process of social change and how this process is affected by structural constraints at different stages of its development.

Publication Type: Article / Chapter / Essay: 34 pages
Publisher: Hampton Press, Inc. (1999)
Location: Cresskill, NJ, USA
Language: English
ISBN: 1-57273-170-2

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