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Body of Knowledge

Women in grassroots communication. Furthering social change - Woman and social agents of communication
by Rosa Marķa Alfaro Moreno

Alternative communication must develop a better approach to conflict and leave behind those romantic simplifications based on the passion of commitiment without sufficient dialogue with reality. The developing of women as social and particpative agents is a complex process that involves more than we ever imagined. Today we can understand that these problems are inherent to processes of chage. The challenges presented by such developments are very complex and require a closer and more fruitful dialogue between reserch and action. I want to affirm that despite the diffucult times in which we in Peru are living, we continue to learn. And even if some unjust daths have bent us, our hope has not gone. We regain it whenever it briefly disappears. In these days, we know we need faith to define other soial models that bring together justice, democracy, and progres. Communication (alternative, feminist, and popular) represents a way of contributing to the building of a plural country, and the envisioning of a continental solidarity. We do not want to erase human sensibility, words, and music from our new communication proposals.

Publication Type: Article / Chapter / Essay: 260 pages
Publisher: Sage Publications (1994)
Location: California, United States of America
Language: English
ISBN: 0-8039-4905-7

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