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Theoretical Approaches to Participatory Communication - Locality in Mass Communication: An Irreplaceable Quality or a Relic from the Past?
by Ullamaija Kivikuru

Kivikuru argues that the relation between local, national, and global communication patterns is close and complex. Globalization in general has changed the experience of locality. Meyrowitz (1985) argued that mass communication is disminishing sense of place toward the vanishing point. Kivikuru disagrees and argues that especially in periphery countries locality remains an important element of identity. She claims that one of the major manifestation of a popular sense of identity - national as well as cultural - in mass communication is locality. She feels that communication theorists have not given the attention appropriate for such a complex dimension of social and communicative experience. In her treatment of this relation between locality, identity, and globalizing media she analyzes a number of "dimensions" of locality including space, place, power, status, change, and others.

Publication Type: Article / Chapter / Essay: 27 pages
Publisher: Hampton Press, Inc. (1999)
Location: Cresskill, NJ, USA
Language: English
ISBN: 1-57273-170-2

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