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Body of Knowledge

Video for Farmer Training - FAO Economic and Social Development Series, No 24, 1982
by Colin Fraser

The first use of film/video in the field for development was by Canada's Challenge for Change programme in Fogo Island. FAO's communication staff were always inspired by that experience as an ideal in participatory situation analysis and planning for change. However, when they started suporting the use of video in the field, the political circumstances were seldom appropriate for such a strategy. Thus, the emphasis needed to be on farmer training rather than on more partcipatory forms of video use. Following on from Peru, other countries such as Honduras, Mexico and Brazil launched video-based farmer training systems with FAO help. This article describes the state of progress, the achievements, problems, results and prospects for further expansion of such systems.

Publication Type: Article / Chapter / Essay: 7 pages
Publisher: FAO (1982)
Location: Rome, Italy
Language: French, Spanish

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