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Body of Knowledge

Video in the field - Ceres -FA0 Review on Agriculture and Development, No. 73 (Vol.13, No. 1) Jan-Feb 1980
A Novel Approach to Farmer Training
by Colin Fraser

The article was written when FAO's communication group was pushing ahead strongly with the use of video and supporting printed materials for information, motivation and training in rural areas, especially in several countries of Latin America. It was evident that the medium had great value in terms of taking information and training to farmers in their normal place of work, of faithfully recording and reproducing their culture and reality, and in easily using local languages and dialects. But there were plenty of critics who believed that video was not an appropriate technology and that by promoting it, FAO was creating long-term technical dependency. The article describes the state of progress in its use of video in rural areas, reports on an evaluation by outside consultants on the whole operation in Peru, including: the performance and durability of the equipment used for programme production and for replay with groups of farmers; the training methodology for the national staff; the degree of satisfaction among farmers who had participated in video-based training sessions - 80 percent asked for more; and the economics of the operation. While pointing out certain weaknesses, the overall evaluation conclusion was that the methodology was very suitable and appropriate, perhaps representing a breakthrough in effective information and training for rural people.

Publication Type: Article / Chapter / Essay: 5 pages
Publisher: FAO (1980)
Location: Rome, Italy
Language: French, Spanish

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