Body of Knowledge

Trends in World Communication:
On Disempowerment and Self-Empowerment
by Cees Hamelink

"....a valuable guide to understanding an increasingly vital, and rapidly changing sector of social activity....outlines the mechanisms and institutions by which most of the world's population has been disempowered, while at the same time illuminating the key political, economic and technological interests that have produced precarious condition worldwide.... does not flinch from presenting developments that powerful interests do their best to conceal or cosmeticize...." Herbert I. Schiller "This is the most up-to-date and... the best guidebook to the bewildering world of communication... It traces the history of globalization, names corporations which pull the multi-billion dollar strings, and explains the technological developments which make it possible. It is a book packed with facts and insights." Michael Traber

Publication Type: Authored Book: 168 pages
Publisher: Southbound and Third World Network (1994)
Location: Penang, Malaysia
Language: English
ISBN: 983-9054-06-6

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