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Body of Knowledge

TV etchings in the minds of Latin Americans: conservatism. materialism. and conformism. - Gasette Nº 1 - 1978
by Luis Ramiro Beltrán

This paper deals with some of the images of the world that television seems to be portraying in Latin America. The reason of opting for this region alone is that going beyond it would make the assignment unmanaglabe within the required length of the essay. In singling out one medium, the reason is, similarly, that the amount of information existing about images in the other media is enough to make the adequate inclusion of it here imposibble. A compositive of the images said detected is essentially made of the following frequent elemets: individualism, elitism, racism, materialism, conformism, conservatism. providentialism, autoritarianism, agressivencess.

Publication Type: Article / Chapter / Essay: 21 pages
Publisher: International Journal for Mass Communication Studies (1978)
Location: Deventer, Netherlands
Language: English

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