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Body of Knowledge

What is Community Radio: A Resource Guide
by Lumko, Mtimde; Marie-Helene Bonin; Nkopane Maphiri et al.

Chapters on An overview of community radio in Africa, What is Community Radio - A Historical perspective, What is a Community?, Forms of community participatory radio, What Community Radio is not., How to set up a Community Radio? - Mission, Need assessment, participation , organisational structure, programmming and producing, training, equipment and techical skills, the new internet and satellite technologies, financial sustainability, budgeting for your station, fundraising from doner organisations, licensing and frequency allocation, and Problems you should expect to encounter. "This booklet discusses the role of comminuty radio stations in building participatory democracy and development in Africa - and offers ideas on how such stations can be established. It provides an understanding of the popularity of community radio, as well as the reasons why it is controversial, and perhaps threatening, from the point of view of commerical and public broadcasters."

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Publication Type: Authored Book: 51 pages
Publisher: AMARC/Panos (1998)
Location: Johannesburg, South Africa
Language: English
ISBN: 0 620 22999 3

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