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Body of Knowledge

World Communication and Information Report 1999-2000
by UNESCO (Ed.)

This Report provides an overview of the wild development of information and communication technologies and their sociocultural impacts. Economic concentration, technical integration, business mega-mergers are the keywords for this new environment in which major private groups take the lion's share. Issues such as freedom of the media, the role of public service broadcasting, editorial independence, the use of the Internet in education, cultural pluralism, worldwide access to information resources, challenges to intellectual property and censorship on the Internet are discussed by eminent specialists from all origins. Most importantly, the impact of information and communication technologies on human development and the role that governments should play in this respect is addressed. Regional chapters examine to which extent telecommunications, computers and the Internet reach developed and developing countries, urban and rural areas, literate and illiterate, the rich and the poor.

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Publication Type: Anthology / Edited Book: 302 pages
Publisher: UNESCO (1999)
Location: Paris, France
Language: English
ISBN: 92-3-103611-4

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