Body of Knowledge

What is community radio?, a resource guide
by Marie-Helene Bonin (Ed.); Aida Opoku-Mensah (Ed.)

(Of the Preface) This booklet discusses the role of community radio stations in building participatory democracy and development in Africa - and offers ideas on how such stations can be established. It provides an understanding of the popularity of community radio, as well as the reasons why it is controversial, and perhaps threatening, from the point of view of commercial an dpublic broadcasters. Definitions and examples referred to in this booklet are dynamic and the concept of 'community radio' should be revisited or redefined as societal developments dictate.

Publication Type: Authored Book: 128 pages
Publisher: South Africa (1998)
Location: AMARC Africa, Johannesburg
Language: English
ISBN: 0 620 22999 3

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