Body of Knowledge

Voices & Viewpoints: When youth make news
by Inter Press Service (IPS) Asia-Pacific, UNICEF

(Of the introduction) Hard-nosed editors and journalists sit up and take notice when they read something fresh and candid - and that's happened when we at Inter Press Service (IPS) Asia-Pacific read through the stories and insights written by seven youngsters from East Asia you'll see in this book. Many of them - the oldest aged 23 ant the youngest 13 - said that working on one-month internships with IPS weiters under the project "Youth Making News" was something entirely new to them. But far from being a one-way street, the project also taught us at the IPS Asia-Pacific desk - and the IPS trainors - quite a few things.

Publication Type: Anthology / Edited Book: 84 pages
Publisher: Inter Press Service Asia-Pacific (2001)
Location: Bangkok, Thailand
Language: English

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