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Acting Locally, Connecting Globally - Two Stories from Ecuador: Finding One's Voice through the Internet
Stories from the Regions
by Karin Delgadillo

From de Baltic to the South China Sea, from the Mexican Gulf to de Andean mountains, from New York to Senegal, from Johannesburg to Seoul -all over the world, women in towns, cities and mountain villages are being connected to the Internet. While some fear the loss of identities and self-determination in cyberspace, there are those who find their own voice and will to action. In "Connecting Locally, Acting Globally", women from diverse geographies and cultures tell how their communities are defining the Internet, and how they are themselves redefined by the experience. The telling comes in different tones: some voices are terse, some voluble, and some quietly passionate. But all are, in the end, inspiring. (From the back cover).

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Publication Type: Article / Chapter / Essay: 8 pages
Publisher: APC Women\\\'s Networking Support Programme (2000)
Location: Manila, The Philippines
Language: English

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