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The one to watch - Linking Rural Radio to New ICTs in Africa: Bridging the rural digital divide
by Jean-Pierre Ilboudo; Riccardo del Castello

New Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) are changing radio in the developing world. But far from making it less relevant, the new technologies are opening up hitherto unimagined possibilities: - Broadcasters who used to have to travel for hours to find a public library to research a programme, now have instant access to the Internet. - National, regional and global radio news agencies are making world news and alternative perspectives available to even the most remote communities. - The radio/telecommunications combination is helping keep communities together, despite the distances imposed by migration The cases presented in this book are among the first examples demonstrating the value of converging radio and new ICTs for development. The book argues that radio will have even greater significance and value in years to come. (From back cover).

Publication Type: Article / Chapter / Essay: 17 pages
Publisher: Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) (2003)
Location: Roma, Italia
Language: English
ISBN: 92-5-104950-5

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