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Body of Knowledge

The Overmarketing of Social Marketing - Development Communication Report N 73 - 1994
by Alfonso Gumucio Dagron

Social marketing represents exactly the opposite of what we -development communicators in the Third World, have been fighting for over the last 25 years. Are we willing to buy the "social marketing" approach, which has penetrated so fast in many international development programs, especially in Africa which seems to be an "easy" ground for experimenting? For the last twenty years the marketers of social marketing have been trying to convince everyone that it is the "new wave" of thought the "in" fashion in the development communication field. But we in the Third World already have the expertise of being objects of advertising techniques and we believe that social marketing represents the opposite of a communication approach that places the strength in the community and aims to transform the passive receptors of messages into active communicators.

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Publication Type: Article / Chapter / Essay: 1 pages
Publisher: Clearinghouse for Development Communication (1994)
Location: Arlington, Estados Unidos
Language: English
ISSN: 0192-1312

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