Body of Knowledge

Theoretical Approaches to Participatory Communication
by Thomas L. Jacobson (ed.); Jan Servaes (ed.)

From introduction: "It is long past time since citizen participation in the planning of national development efforts could be called a new idea. It is an idea that has experienced multiple waves of interest in recent decades, both practical and theoretical. each time, it has been redefined and reemphasized in a new form. Each form has suffered perhaps a short fate, being eclipsed in each case by a new approach with new theoretical and practical concerns. Nevertheless, the idea of local citizen participation in planning for improvement in the conditions of life, and the idea of localities as the context in which promises for betterment must be conceived, is durable. It remains and, in connection with development communication, is the subject of this book." (pp.1)

Publication Type: Anthology / Edited Book: 394 pages
Publisher: Hampton Press, Inc. (1999)
Location: Cresskill, NJ, USA
Language: English
ISBN: 1-57273-170-2

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